Experienced Legal Counsel You Can Trust

With over 40 years of legal practice, Patrick O. Naylor is a seasoned attorney who diligently works with you to resolve your probate and estate planning matters.

Working Hard For You And Your Family

When it comes to completing your duties as a personal representative of a loved one’s estate, or making the plan for your estate legally binding, Patrick O. Naylor & Associates, P.C., can take the worry out of ensuring full compliance with Texas regulations. Our attorney works attentively with individuals and families in a detailed manner to fully address their probate and estate matters.

Accomplished Probate Services For Irving, Texas

Straightforward Probate Administration

Attempting to resolve an estate of a loved one is not only stressful but also likely too much of a burden while you are grieving. Patrick Naylor works efficiently to carry out the administration of estates so that no detail gets overlooked.

Proactive Estate Planning

Establishing a trust is an effective way to ensure that your assets are protected, and writing a legally binding will ensures property will pass to your heirs successfully. Patrick O. Naylor & Associates, P.C., can be your legal guide for proactive estate planning.